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Ag studies - Saskatchewan

With financial support from Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Environment, CleanFARMS been involved in a number agricultural waste projects in the province. This work includes waste characterization studies, stakeholder consultations and the evaluation of processing and collection options.


In 2013, the Ministry of Environment asked CleanFARMS to work with a multi-stakeholder committee, named the Saskatchewan Agricultural Stewardship Council (SASC), to examine the feasibility of an extended producer responsibility program to manage different types of agricultural wastes.


A number of reports from this work are available below. Contact us to learn more.


Preliminary waste characterizations & consultations:


Saskatchewan agricultural film plastic recycling study, 2010


Saskatchewan agricultural waste stewardship consultation report, 2011


Saskatchewan agricultural products & packaging waste stewardship industry consultation, 2012

CleanFARMS grower survey, 2012


Saskatchewan Agricultural Stewardship Council (SASC) reports:


Saskatchewan Agricultural Plastics Recycling Farmer Focus Groups, 2013


Ministry of Environment PowerPoint Presentation, 2013


Product Management Program for Saskatchewan Waste Agricultural Plastics, Draft, 2013

Study of Potential Collection and Processing Options, 2013